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This part is divided by parallel vectors of drilling programs of two primary companies, data on which can be found under the name of each of the companies, containing predicted technical and economic values of the fields, index maps with selected structures, structural constructions and geological cross sections of areas "Reconstruction of Technological Wells” LLC and “Interregional Gas Company” LLC .

Presentation displays:
  • 2 fields of “RTW” LLC
  • 5 fields of “IGC” LLC
- Gross area is 1 286,643 sq. km

Areas are at different stages of preparation for pilot production due to the scope of conducted research. At a number of objects (Nyzhnertyschevskaya, Serbskaya, Chabanovskaya, Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya) it is possible to start geological exploration works that will allow to define drilling site and depth for primary exploration wells. Bigger areas like Sirotinskaya, Zolotarevskaya and Baranikivskaya require additional field works. Such difference in state of exploration is caused by the decision to firstly receive production at the best known areas in order to attract financial resources from sales for additional exploration of bigger areas.

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