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Behind IGC Group lies joint venture of two big gas producing companies “Interregional Gas Company” LLC and “Reconstruction of Technological Wells” LLC that own licensed areas for hydrocarbon production.

Top priorities of the corporation include the development of gas industry of Ukraine, exploration of perspective areas, recovery of idle wells, development and test production of new and existing oil and gas fields, directional drilling for the recovery of hydrocarbons from places not accessible by vertical drilling, multiple well drilling, test run and development of difficult wells.

State of geological exploration works, resources and forecast for hydrocarbon production are displayed in Presentation of areas of interest.

Doing our job we are responsible for high quality, accuracy and timely execution of contractual obligations. We are open for mutually beneficial co-operation with all the participants of oil and gas market. We aim to combine the ideas of future and many years of experience of the past, wish to bring our potential to the development of the energy market not only of our country but of neighboring countries and beyond.

Introducing the website of our company we hope to become committed and reliable partner for you.

Details on the location of company headquarters and contact information can be found in Contacts.

01030, Украина, г. Киев, ул. Богдана Хмельницкого, дом 26. Тел.: +38 044 279 82 15