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“Interregional Gas Company” LLC

Presentation of Areas

LLC "Interregional Gas Company" is an operating enterprise (Kiev, Ukraine) that owns licenses on natural resources management for 5 areas:
  • Nizhnertyshchevskaya,
  • Baranikovskaya,
  • Sirotinskaya,
  • Zolotarevskaya,
  • Serbskaya.
Areas are at different stages of preparation for pilot production due to the amount of exploration works.

At a number of objects (Nizhnertyshchevskaya, Baranikovskaya) it is possible to commence or update geological prospecting works that shall allow to adjust drilling location and drilling depth for the first exploratory wells.

The largest areas Sirotinskaya and Zolotarevskaya require additional field investigations. Such difference in state of exploration is caused by the decision to firstly receive production at the best known areas in order to attract financial resources from sales for additional exploration of bigger areas.

Nizhnertyshchevskaya Area

Administratively the area is located on the territory of Chuguevskiy and Zmievskiy districts of Kharkov region. Total area is 64,079 km2. Tectonically Nizhnertyshchevskaya area is a part of Korobochkin-Rtyshchevsky arch and is located in the zone of northern boart of the south-east part of Dnepro-Donets Basin. Big amount of exploration works, hydrocarbon deposits, not deep depth of productive horizons where the presence of oil and gas is proven make this area a top priority for prospecting and exploration operations. All area of works has been examined with gravimetric, magnetic and metric, electro-explorative and seismic tests. To the north of the area there is located Rtyshevskoye gas-condensate field. Gas-condensate reservoir is detected at Verkhne-visean horizons B-14- 16 and В-17-19 and serpuhov horizons С-4 and С-3 (depth 2900, 3400 m). To the south-west of the area there is Bilozirskoye gas-condensate field with a gas bearing horizon В-18-19 (depth 4650 m). Also at a close distance to the east of the area there are Korobochkinskoye and Yuzhno-Grakivskoye fields under development with gas bearing horizons В-14- 16, В-17-24, В-19, М-1 (depths 3050 m, 3000 m, 4100m, 2150 m).

Административная карта района работ (Нижнертыщевская площадь)
(Fig.1) Administrative location map (Nizhnertyshchevskaya area)

Обзорная карта
(Fig.2) General map

Seismic exploration works
In 2012 2 State Geophysical Enterprise “Ukrheofizyka” performed additional works at the field of processing and re-interpretation of seismic data of the previous years - 20 section lines - 140 line km and additionally shot 12 new section lines - 112,71 km on the basis of which structural imaging was built. All seismic data was processed in РroMAX LANDMARK 2D program system, and interpreted in SEIS VISION software package of automated interpretation of seismic data.

“Kumran” eneterprise provided expert consulting support, organization and supervision (quality control) during the performance of 2D field seismic survey works, took part in re-interpretation of seismic data from the previous years, in processing and interpretation of seismic surveys at Nizhnertyshchevskaya area.

The spacing of used МОВ (2D) section lines throughout the area is 3,95 km/km2 what is enough for competent, correct and conditioned structural imaging. Stanichnaya structure as a prospect is covered entirely by conditioned seismic grid both in arch and periclinal parts what definitely guarantees high integrity of structural imaging and practically univocacy of developed geologic model.

Complex of 2D seismic exploration works is performed at an extremely professional level the results of which are rather accurate and reliable. Geologic results significantly broaden data on geological structure of Nizhnertyshchevskaya area and allow to define the direction and order of geological prospecting works (drilling of wells). .

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