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"Reconstruction of Technological Wells" LLC

Presentation of Areas

Перейти на сайт компании"RTW" LLC is an operating enterprise that owns two licenses:
  • Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya area (exploration followed by production);
  • Chabanovskaya area (exploration followed by production).
Areas belong to Dnepro-Donets basin (DDB) in gas-bearing zone of Lugansk region

Licenses are issued in 2011 for a period of 20 years.

Areas are located at the territory of Ukraine in 50 km from delimitation line of anti-terrorist operation.

Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya Area

Administratively area (45,2 km) is located in Kremenskoy district of Lugansk region in 4 km to the north-east of the town Kremennaya (Fig.1). Tectonically Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya area is assigned to the structure zone of southern slope of Voronezh anteclise with Donets wrinkled structure. Characteristic feature of tectonic structure of the region is step-like plunging of the surface of crystal base to the axis of Dnepro-donets basin. Presence of latitude tectonic deformations and feathering branches restrict east-west trending and prevent Paleozoic deposits.

Административное расположение Южно-Евгениевской площади
(Fig.1) Administrative location of Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya area

Geological structure of the area includes deposits of crystal base, lower carboniferous (visean and serpukhovian), middle carboniferous (Bashkir and moscovian) and meso-cenozoic deposits. The thickness of sedimentary sheath is 3500 m. Sedimentary sheath traces inheritance of fault tectonics of basement with gradual attenuation of distortions in the younger stratigraphic levels. In meso-cenozoic deposits such faulting is not captured. Regionally the area is a monoclinic block within the bounds of which several small upheavals are distinguished. In south-west a dome-shaped structure is distinguished (Fig.2). In central and eastern parts milestone structure composed of several upheavals dominates(Fig.3,4).

Купольная структура в юго-западной части Южно-Евгеньевской площади
(Fig.2)Dome-shaped structure in south-west of Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya area

Карта отражающего горизонта
(Fig.3)Map of reflection horizon

Геологический разрез
(Fig.4) Geological cross-section

In regard of oil and gas bearing the area is located within North Donbass petroliferous region between Yevgenievskoye and Krasnopopovskoye fields wherein producing complexes are the production zones of visean, serpukhov, bashkir and moscovian stages of lower and middle carbonic period (Fig. 5). At Krasnopopovskoye field during joint С-18 – 22 horizon testing (in well #103) a commercial inflow at a rate of 20 thousand cubic meters per day was received. In well #100 at the horizon С -17 there was received a commercial gas inflow at a rate of 86,6 thousand cubic meters per day through 100 mm choke. At the nearby Yevgenievskoye field in well #4 at the horizon С-8-9 the gas inflow was at a rate of 162,6 thousand cubic meters per day through 8 mm choke. In this same well 5 horizons in the interval between B-9 and B-13 are rated as productive and gas-saturated. In the well #9 of B-9 horizon the gas flow was 493 thousand cubic meters per day through 6 mm choke.

Схема расположения Южно-Евгеньевской структуры Краснопоповского и Евгеньевского месторождений
(Fig.5) Location plan of Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya structure of Krasnopopovskoye and Yevgenievskoye fields
Sandstone porosity where there was an inflow according to the well logging data is 16-20%. In well #2 at the same horizon commercial inflow of gas with condensate is 92,5 thousand cubic meters per day where condensate is 0,9 cubic meters per day. At this same field there are producing horizons М-6 and М-7 where in wells #1,2,7,9,20,24,25 positive geophysical signatures are shown and in wells #1 and 7 commercial inflow of 12 and 88 thousand cubic meters per day respectively is received. Thus, similar to adjoining Yevgenievskoye and Krasnopopovskoye fields at Yuzhno-Yevgenievskaya area presence of gas is expected at horizons М-6, М-7, B-4, B-9, B-10, С-8-9, С-17 и С-22. General geological resources are measured by visean stage to the extent of 0,8 billion cubic meters by category D1lok.

Chabanovskaya Area

Chabanovskaya area (16,1 km2) is located in Novoaydarskiy district of Lugansk region in 60 km to the north-west of Lugansk. Tectonically the area is assigned to the southern slope of Voronezh shield and lies within Starobelsko Millerovskaya homocline with a wide range of prospect areas according to seismic survey i.e. Novoahtyrskaya, Orekhovskaya, Krasnoozerskaya, Baravskaya and Kapitanovskaya areas. The size of the area is favorable for geological exploration works (Fig.1)

Геологический разрез Чабановской площади
(Fig.1) Geological cross-section of Chabanovskaya area

According to estimates on the eroded surface of crystalline core-area there lies tournaisian calciferous formation 36-40 m thick. Potentially productive visean deposits have thickness from 200 to 300 m and overlie tournaisian deposits, such formations are presented by layers of sandstone and siltstone enriched by organic matter, dark gray limestone with fragments of fauna, carbonatized argillite and microgranular quartz sand with admixed siltstone (Fig.2,3).

Геологический разрез Чабановской площади
(Fig.2) Geological cross-section of Chabanovskaya area

Структурная карта Чабановской площади
(Fig.3) Structural map of Chabanovskaya area

Depth of visean formations is 2,3 km, according to the specific nature of sedimentary rock content, grade of catagenetic transformations of organic matter and conditions for generation of hydrocarbons this area is a perspective target for gas exploration followed by pilot development. Seismic survey is complete for this area that proved the presence of two dome-shaped structures. Area is prospect for further exploration works. Gas bearing capacity was proved by drilling L-5214 coal well and test well #1 “Chabanovskaya”. When testing the latest at the depth of 1698-1707 m through Ǿ 6,2 mm choke there was gas inflow at a rate of 60 thous. m3 per day. The well was abandoned after an accident. 3D seismic survey at Chabanovskaya area distinguished two dome-shaped structures and proved estimation of perspective resources at 2370 million cubic meters of gas and 82 thousand tons of oil.

Drilling of 2400 m well is scheduled at the fieldfor the purpose of exploration of hydrocarbon deposits in coal formations, further activities depend on drilling results of the first exploration well.

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